Munich based fashion agency Best of 19 offers professional consulting, effective distribution and innovative pr for high-end brands in Europe. The agency specializes in introducing new brands to new markets, and therefore clients from the US, Europe and Asia value this cutting-edge and inspirational agency. Due to straightforward thinking and reliable implementation, Best of 19 has established a trusted position in the international fashion scene.

Gabriele Frantzen, founder and partner of Best of 19, started her business in 2003. Even though her focus has always been to detect the adequate niche for high-end brands and to be a fast-acting fashion agent with an assured and professional sense of trends and Zeitgeist, she begun to explore new ways and dimensions.

In 2009 Gabriele Frantzen made a bold move forward and introduced her own fashion jewelry line under her own name. The Gabriele Frantzen brand was first shown in New York City and rocketed into fashion sky. Buyers from all over the world immediately fell in love with her stylish, refined and simply beautiful designs of hip-elegant fashion jewelry, belts and exeptional fur accessories.

And because New York plays a major role in her professional and creative development, Gabriele Frantzen opened her own showroom and office in Manhattan. She now splits her time between Munich and the U.S. and has a professional and reliable team working with her on both sides of the Atlantic.

Please browse the website and learn more about our current brands: Utzon, Gabriele Frantzen.

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