The Saul Lishinsky Charity T-Shirt – A charity project in New York and Munich „there is nothing good except from doing it“

In cooperation with the New York t-shirt label SEA N.Y.C. Best of 19, launched a charity shirt to support a group of people that doesn’t have a big lobby: elderly people living in nursing homes.

Rambling through New York Gabriele Frantzen, owner of Best of 19, found some sketches of the artist Saul Lishinsky she really fell in love with. Doing a research on the artist, she found out out that Saul Lishinsky is now in his late 80s and lives in a Harlem nursing home. Gabriele decided to visit him and was saddened by the conditions in this nursing home. She needed to do something and started a charity project in order to raise money for nursing homes in New York City and in Munich, the cities Best of 19 isconnected with.

Gabriele Frantzen got the permit to use a drawing of Saul Lishinsky for this T-Shirt.

Saul Lishinsky was known as a social activist and founded the Bronx Community Murals Project. Murals were produced by everyday people and children in a variety of public spaces. Prominent murals by Lishinsky can still be seen throughout the greater New York City area.

One of the drafts for this project now is printed on an organic shirt by SEA N.Y.C.

The charity shirt was first launched at the German fashion trade show PREMIUM in Berlin where it was a big success, now it is will available in the best shops in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Only the costs of production, transport and customs will be withdrawn from the profit, the rest goes straight to the Harlem Nursing Home in New York City and the Damenstift in Munich.